FLAT drop-leaf table (Incl. 4 chairs) H. 73, W.102, L.25/83/134

FLAT wallhangtable medium 1a

Using the design from the ’FLAT’ collapsible

chair as an inspiration we created this narrowcentre

base, drop-leaf table, perfectly suited formodern compact living.

Four chairs can be stowed away inside the

table and with the 2WD roll-away possibility, it

perfects the criteria for optimal use of a limitedspace.

And again, providing great storage advantagesfor retailers.

Image 5 low res

FLAT drop-leaf table medium (Incl. 2 chairs ) H. 73, W.102, L.15/63

FLAT drop-leaf table small (Incl. 2 chairs) H. 73/110, W.50, L.15/79

FLAT round 2Bb

FLAT round drop-leaf table (Incl. 4 chairs) H. 73, D.110, L.110W.24/670/110,

Small space solutions Ltd. 2014 Patent pending